Special Offers


Thalasso is-Sremá - complex of improving lymph drainage and spa treatments for the face and body based on the amazing properties of the most ancient on the planet .


Cavitation on Cavi Lipo machine - a radical way to combat fat deposits when exposed to ultrasound fat cells burstand their contents are displayed naturally.The procedure is painless.


Bubble bath - a luxury spa and useful procedure, which got its name from the fact that a large amount of bubbles, sparkling and shimmering in the clear water, rising from the bottom of a bathtub.

Services List

Complete spa program "Relax"

Steaming cedar barrel with the collection of the Altai herbs - easily tolerated and combines all the benefits phytoncids cedar and herbal vapors. 20-25 minutes.
Manual underwater massage shower high pressure (up to 4.8 atmospheres) to professional balneological bath Aquadelicia. 30-35 minutes.
Cleopatra Bath - milk and honey flavored bubble baths by candlelight with music for relaxation. 25-30 minutes.
Scrubbing of body on the basis of salt from the Dead Sea and of fitomasel. It opens the pores and helps the skin easier to "breathe", suitable for men and zhenschin.10-15 minutes.