"Marine collagen" - a powerful moisturizing and effective care. As part of the means used in this procedure is the marine collagen, which is extracted from the skin of marine fish - as close as possible to the human.




"Anti-Acne" - beauty care of the face - begins with ultrasonic peeling that effectively cleanse the skin from dead cells of the skin and start the process regenaratsii. Iontophoresis for drug ampoule will allow to carry a therapeutic cocktail in the deeper layers of skin. The treatment is finished by applying curative alginate mask "anti-acne". Sodium alginate has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory action, and the mask he has supplemented and extracts of green tea and herbs that have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, treatment of acne in Kiev will have prolonged action.


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Experience more than 7 years. Certified specialist in therapeutic, anti-cellulite massage. Performs spa treatments for the body: Lymphatic drainage massage, Therapeutic, Anitsellyulitny.

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Certified specialist in therapeutic, anti cellulite massage. Performs spa treatments for the body: Aroma massage with herbal bags, Stone therapy (massage with basalt stones).

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