Why Choose Us?


"His Majesty the Thai massage" - is deserving of such treatment massage, a history spanning more than two thousand years. During this time, they disappeared from the face of the earth, and remained in the history of the state, the empire, and even whole civilizations, but not disappeared Thai massage. Originating in ancient India, he constantly practiced, handed down from generation to generation and developed on the territory of present-day.


Leather - the second light. It plays an important role in human contact with the external environment. And not always this environment has beneficial effects on human, not always carries a positive for the human body. With the development of civilization, the external environment in big cities became, unfortunately, more and more aggressive. Stress, nervous overload, excess ultraviolet light, tap water, cold, all this reduces the functionality of the skin aging.


Services included in the Spa complex, specially selected so that the individual procedures included in their composition, harmoniously complement each other and increase the therapeutic effect. This is a good choice for those who have decided to devote time to their health and beauty, leisurely enjoy the effect of the work of skilled Thai craftsmen.


I think no one is talking about the main enemy of a female figure - cellulite.But there are measures against it! Effect SLIM program for weight loss is simply amazing, after the fourth procedure volumes are significantly reduced, and the skin of hands, abdomen and thighs begins to look very different.The whole reason for the special Thai art and cosmetics.


Our Team

Amol Aurai

Salon's owner

Experience more than 7 years. Certified specialist in therapeutic, anti-cellulite massage. Performs spa treatments for the body: Lymphatic drainage massage, Therapeutic, Anitsellyulitny.

Nina Kostiuk

Salon's owner

Certified specialist in therapeutic, anti-cellulite massage. Performs spa treatments for the body: Aroma massage with herbal bags, Stone therapy (massage with hot basalt stones).

Julia Polshkova

Salon's owner

Experience in cosmetology for over 10 years. He loves life and his work! Skilled and experienced professionals to conduct various kinds of cosmetic proceduresof service.